A plan to become an international research centre

Il Sentiero International Campus is an ASTER-accredited research centre in Magreta (Modena), where we carry out tests on materials. It is due to move 2 km to a 37,000 m² site in another part of the Modena area. There will be ample space for technical and administration offices, conference rooms and laboratories. The aim is for it to become a leading international centre in the sphere of Industrial Research and the fields of Reliability Engineering and Surface Engineering.

Solutions and Services

Researchers at Il Sentiero International Campus will be engaged in the research and development of new materials and the related enabling technologies, in the integrated design of high-efficiency and low-cost mechanical systems and in the design and operation of test rigs.

Research & Development

The Ecor International production model is evolving into an integrated production and development system where R&D is no longer considered an exclusive asset of the company, but is conducted and finalised in collaboration with our main customers.

Functional Testing

A specific area of the Campus will be devoted to the installation of a series of test rigs for the functional testing of new solutions for advanced mechanical components. These test rigs will allow studying the reliability and useful life of components, subsystems and complex systems.

Materials characterisation

The skills of a team of specialists in material engineering, the experience gained in industrial areas and the availability of complementary testing facilities enable Il Sentiero International Campus to be a comprehensive centre for the assessment of the functional characteristics of materials.

Il Sentiero International Campus enlargement’s project

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