Schio, Vicenza

22,000 square metres

Ecor International headquarters comprise three buildings including the production area and the technical and administrative offices. Here is the place where design, production and final control activities of critical components, assembly of electromechanical subassemblies, functional testing with test rigs are carried out for the Food Industry, Aerospace & Defense, and Advanced Mechanics business areas. An entire plant is dedicated to the production of critical components for the aerospace industry.

Formigine, Modena
Il Sentiero International Campus

300 square metres

At the ASTER-accredited Research Centre the properties of materials are studied using technologically advanced tools that allow carrying out mechanical, thermal and microscopic analyses.

Morra de Sanctis, Avellino
POEMA production plant

800 square metres

Welding of materials of jet turbine blades is carried out here as part of the POEMA (European Aerospace Microfusions Complex) consortium. This network of companies, of which Ecor International is a part, is engaged in improving the quality, performance and efficiency of aircraft engines and turbine components.

sito produttivo avellino ecor research
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