A quality path

ISO 9001:
Quality Management

Since 1998

ISO 9001 Ecor Research

Our Quality Management System complies with a standard set by the International Organization for Standardization that covers quality management, responsibility management, product realization, resource management, analysis, monitoring and improvement strategies.

In specific terms, our quality management policy is based on sharing, developing and meeting the expectations of our customers. Consequently, we constantly endeavour to enhance the efficacy of our quality management system by identifying and removing every single one of the constraints that restrict the company’s ability to achieve its goals.

Our quality management policy is built on intrinsic measurable objectives for each process and it is revised in accordance with the changing needs of the organization and the market. The objectives are measured with special Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which evaluate the success of the various areas of the company: economics and finance, production, supply chain, engineering, and human resources.

ISO 14001:
Environmental Management

Since 2004

ISO 14001 Ecor Research

We firmly belief that everyone – from individual citizens to the largest and most complex organizations – is duty-bound to respect and protect the environment. Therefore, following analysis of the company processes, we put in place a plan to enhance the efficacy of our Environmental Management System, with the goal of improving the efficiency of the organization, reducing waste, cutting costs and limiting the environmental impact of our activities.

Our Environmental Management System revolves around a number of spheres in which we are committed to taking specific measures. In particular:

  • Proper in-house waste management, including waste sorting;
  • Proper management and monitoring of water and energy consumption;
  • Regular checks and monitoring of atmospheric emissions;
  • Proper management and monitoring of waste water, thanks in part to the chemical and physical industrial waste water treatment system;
  • Prevention of soil pollution;
  • Rational use of raw materials;
  • Staff training on emergency plans.

We have official Italian A.U.A. authorization for industrial waste and atmospheric emissions and we comply with the Italian, European and international environmental protection regulations.

AS/EN 9100:
Aerospace Industry Quality Management

Since 2010

The products that we make for the aerospace and defence industry are highly critical in both functional and structural terms. In order to work in the civil and military market, it is essential for us to have AS/EN 9100 certification.

As part of the quality management system required in a field of this kind, we provide our customers with guarantees that our components are safe and reliable, and we meet all of the standards set by the regulatory and supervisory bodies, including legal and aerial navigation requirements.

We meet all of the requirements established by the certification in the following areas:

  • Satisfaction when it comes to on-time delivery, conformity and quality;
  • Sound connections between processes;
  • Effective management of complaints and feedback from the market;
  • Monitoring of the skills and resources used;
  • Sound establishment of “Special Requirements”, “Critical Items” and “Key Characteristics”;
  • An effective approach to “Project Management”, “Risk Management” and “Configuration Management”;
  • Effective “Work Transfer” (Outsourcing) management;
  • The effectiveness of the criteria applied when establishing processes and mapping them, as well as the performance measures used;
  • Assessment of the impact of the “Human Factor” on the requirements regarding teaching and training for resources;
  • Assessment of aspects relating to “Safety” for maintained aeronautical products and the suitability of the “Safety Objectives” included in the policy;
  • Effective management and handling of “Technical Data”;
  • The criteria applied by the organization for repair/servicing activities, in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations in force, Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 145/147 and EASA part M.

ISO 45001:
Occupational Health And Safety

Since 2013

Quality system

We believe that the development of the company is tied to the wellbeing of the staff and the associated health and safety conditions. Our Health and Safety Management System is based on full compliance with the legally binding regulations in the field and preventive measures that aim to make ongoing improvements in order to achieve higher and higher health and safety standards and promote widespread ergonomics.

We have adopted an integrated health, safety and environment policy with the objective of preventing accidents in the workplace and occupational diseases, while also reducing the risks associated with activities through the involvement and participation of staff, with the aim of making ongoing improvements to the environment and working conditions. We are committed to proper management of health surveillance, keeping systems and equipment safe and contract work.

In addition, during audits there are interviews with the company doctor, the staff health and safety representative, the members of the emergency team (first aiders and fire marshals) and a sample selection of members of staff in order to assess the efficacy of the health and safety training provided by the company.