The critical nature of products under control

Our welding special processes, heat treatment and non destructive testing, that we use to manufacture and analyze critical components, are accredited by NADCAP.

Acronym for the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, it is a worldwide cooperative program which involves top companies operating in the aerospace and defense sectors. NADCAP is designed to manage a consensus approach to special process accreditation and provide continual improvement within the aerospace industry, by setting common international standards and auditing criteria worldwide.

Welding Processes

Since 2011

During the audit for NADCAP Welding accreditation compliance of manufacturing with the series of control list for manual, semiautomatic, automatic and laser welding processes is assessed. The materials involved are nickel, aluminum, titanium and steel.

Heat Treatment Processes

Since 2011

Our Heat Treatment Processes are in accordance with the series of control list specfied by NADCAP. The materials involved are titanium alloy, nickel, aluminium and austenitic steels. This process consists in a heating cycle at specific temperatures with the objective of giving a metal or alloy specific mechanical and technological characheteristics.

Non-Destructive Controls

Since 2014

Our Non-Destructive Testing are in accordance with the series of control list specfied by NADCAP. These tests consist in a set of technical analysis used to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing any damage.

In Ecor International, tests with dye penetrant and X-ray are examined. The first one allows the detection of possible defects thanks to the application of a fluorescent product. The second uses x-ray for components up to 20 mm.