Last updated May 25th, 2018


What are cookies?

This site,, uses cookies to make accessing the company’s services easier and more efficient for users who view our pages. When users browse the site, minimum amounts of information will be inserted on the device being used, whether computers or mobile peripherals, in the form of small text files called “cookies”, which will be saved on the directories utilised by the user’s web browser. There are several  types of cookies, some to allow to navigate the website more efficiently, others  to enable certain features.

Cookies of the website operator 

Technical cookies

This website only makes use of “technical” cookies, that is browsing or session cookies, as well as functionality and analytical ones, developed and used by the website operator.

Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies are used and developed solely by the operator of the website in order to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and how they browse the website.

Google Analytics service is used as well, as indicated in the chart below:

Domain Name Expires Information _ga 2021-12-01 Google Analytics – Google Analytics uses this cookie name _gid 2019-12-03 Google Analytics – Google Analytics uses this cookie name _gat 2019-12-02 Google Analytics – Google Analytics uses this cookie name

All data collected through Google Analytics can also be used by Google, according to the terms of service provided by the latter.

Targeting cookies

This website does not use targeting cookies placed by the website operator or third parties.

Third-parties cookies

Analysis cookies of third-party services

This website does not make use of cookies received from third-party domains for the purpose of anonymously collecting information on the use of the website by the users such as: pages visited, length of stay, origin of traffic source, geographical origin, age, gender and interests for marketing purposes.

Targeting cookies

This website does not make use of targeting cookies received from third parties in order to create user profiles to convey advertising messages from the aforementioned third-parties, based on the user’s preferences.

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